Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One week in...

Well it's been a week.
I think I've done pretty good for my eating habits. I actually had to talk myself out of a drive thru stop at McDonalds yesterday morning. "You have low fat bagels and FREE coffee at work... you don't NEED that hashbrown (or 2)" I swear I could smell the hashbrowns as I drove to work, that's how bad I wanted them...

I only had one slip up of my own doing... I went to Wal-Mart last night at supper time and I wasn't going to be getting home til about 9pm. My belly was grumbling, so I thought "I'll see what they have that's "healthier" here." HA! The only salad they had (being a walmart McD's) was the Ceasar. So, I said screw it, I've been a good girl this week. I got a quarter pounder meal and fries.

I felt awful after eating it... physically and mentally.

SO, today, I weighed myself. I'm down 2.1 lbs. :)

It's great what thinking about what you're putting in your mouth and drinking your water can do for you!

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