Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Well, here I am on day 2 of my new healthier eating "habit making" and attempt to shed a few unwanted pounds. So far, so good. I ate my fill yesterday, and so far today, and I found by eating healthier foods, I didn't get hungry as quick as when I eat the less healthy "fast" foods.

I took some advice from a friend and am eating smaller amounts more frequently. This way, you don't end up eating big meals and over-doing it because you're "starving"

I'm also drinking more water. It may be premature to say so, but after just over 24 hrs of this change, I am starting to feel better. I seem to have more energy today.

Can one day really make that much of a difference?

And the best part is... I'm saving money. I'm not impulse buying at the coffee counter in my office building. I'm not going through the drive thru on my way to work and ordering that extra hashbrown. I'm not spending the nearly $20 a day on, quite literally, junk.

Trimming my waistline AND my spending. I like the sound of that!

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